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Washroom Hygiene

CWS dispensers for towel rolls, fragrance, soap, toilet paper etc. help public washroom operators ensure the greatest possible hygiene, functional solutions and a modern atmosphere.

This is a key consideration, because the requirements on modern washrooms in  both corporate as well as public facilities have changed: besides practical, functioning equipment and fittings, the expectations extend nowadays to the highest possible hygienic standards and attractive design as well.
CWS identified this trend at an early stage, and develops innovative and at the same time aesthetically sophisticated hygiene solutions – just one example of which is the current ParadiseLine series of products.

Sustainable solutions for your washroom

CWS offers an optimal synergy of design, convenience and function – which also meets the growing demands on sustainability. One example is our cotton towel dispenser featuring the service-proven CWS hygiene technology:

  • Intelligent portioning: dispensing of personal portions of cotton towel, automatic retraction
  • Cotton towel roll can be laundered and reused up to 100 times
  • Hygienic two-chamber system ensures separation of clean and used towel portions
  • 100-percent cotton makes for a pleasant hand-drying feeling
  • When it comes to the end of its lifecycle the fabric is recycled for use as cleaning rags

CWS sets ecological standards in the washroom.

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