5 Questions for… Beate Busch

With heart and soul in the hustle and bustle

Portrait Beate Busch

Full business activity in the central customer service at CWS-boco in Dreieich: Stepping into the big room, you can hear several languages, phones ringing, people talking. Many team members wear headsets, speaking to customers and recording orders and customer wishes. "There is often a lot of hustle and bustle with us," explains Beate Busch.  For over 17 years she has been working in the ZKB, centre for customer requests at CWS-boco Germany.

"All orders, questions and complaints from CWS-boco customers arrive at the ZKB," Beate Busch explains. "We work in several shifts and each employee alternates between late and early shifts. I work in the back office, that means I process individual customer requests and forward them in our system. Frequently, I have to record very specific agreements. Often it is also necessary for me to take on additional front-office support tasks."


Making progress for each customer

"I like it when there's a lot going on. I talk to customers from all over Germany, I think this variety is great. Orders are accepted, I help with problems - I solve many myself, or I connect the request to the right department".

Sounds varied, but also exhausting. So how come Beate Busch is still having fun after 17 years? "I always pick up the customer first and take everyone seriously. When the customer is satisfied, I go home in the evening with the feeling: "Today I have brought something good forward".


The craziest call

Anyone who talks to so many people every day also experiences a lot. "A few years ago we had a call here and we're still talking about it," recalls Beate Busch. "A lady called from the toilet of a restaurant. The door of her cabin was stuck and she couldn't open it. Since the restaurant was our customer, the CWS toilet paper dispenser was hanging in the cabin - including the service telephone number. In her desperation she dialed our number. And we contacted the host who finally rescued the lady."

sign about CWS-boco customer service

5 Questions for… Beate Busch

1. What I like about my job is…

... to talk to the most diverse people and to advise them on their enquiries and orders. Keeping a cool head with complaints as well as helping with more complicated wishes.

2. My hidden talent is…

... using some light-hearted humour to bring tense conversations into a relaxed atmosphere.

3. If the whole world was listening, I would tell them…

Everything you do, you should do with passion, conviction and joy.

4. In my free time, I like to…

... cycling, mountain hiking and making music.

5. The three things I’d bring to a desert island are…

… my husband, my bible and my guitar.