5 Questions for… Johann Schneigelberger

Meet the people of CWS-boco

Johann Schneigeberger

The CWS-boco Supply Chain Management GmbH has a long name and a special task: It coordinates the production of our workwear and other products and the shipping of the finished items to one of our warehouses. Johann Schneigelberger works right at the heart of this logistics centre: As a transport manager, he makes sure that everything arrives exactly where and when it should.

A second career

Johann Schneigelberger has reinvented himself numerous times throughout his life. At 11 years old, he came to Germany from Kasachstan. And after the second home, there also came a second career: “After finishing school, I first became a wood mechanic”, he says. But then he decided to start anew in the logistics field. After training to become a logistics expert, an opportunity opened up for him: “I had the chance to start working at CWS-boco. My sister has been working here for a long time and she convinced me to send out an application”, he laughs.

A talent for organizing

Johann Schneigelberger is located in Lauterbach. Surrounded by beautiful countryside, the headquarter of the CWS-boco Supply Chain Management GmbH is home to designers, coordinators and logistics coordinators like him. In his daily work, he organizes transports, discusses prices and follows the journey of every pallet. “I am on the phone a lot, talking to our partners”, he says. Sounds stressful. “Well, it is important that in the end, everything arrives where it is supposed to. Every jacket, every towel roll, every dispenser. But I think I’m also pretty good at staying calm”, he laughs. A key feature of every organizational talent.


5 questions for… Johann Schneigelberger

1) What my tyical day looks like… 

I work with people and with numbers. Organising transports, requesting quotes, keeping account for our paletts, talking to our busness partners, coordinating special transports, controlling bills… There is a lot of variety. 

2) I’m proud of…

…my parents. They have opened up so many opportunities for my sister and me and taught us what’s important in life – like having courage and being ambitious.

3) If the whole world was listening, I would tell people… 

There are many ways towards happiness. One is to stop complaining. 

4) In my free time, I like to…

Go fishing and doing sports. I’m also the coach of a kids’ football team.

5) My motto: 

Falling and getting up again isn’t a case of physics – it’s a case of character.