5 Questions for… Lidia Nowakowska-Guzikowska

Involving people, solving challenges

Portrait Lidia Nowakowska-Guzikowska

Getting better every day – for Lidia Nowakowska-Guzikowska, this isn’t just an empty phrase. It’s her daily job and biggest motivation. “Here in Poland, we started implementing tools based on Lean Management to track how good we actually are in the fields that matter most to us – our employees’ safety, our service, our sustainability goals”, the Continuous Improvement Manager explains.

Her workdays revolve around exactly that: “We start every morning in Lodz with a meeting where we look at our activities from the last day or week. We look at what’s working well and what can be improved upon. Then we discuss ways to make changes happen.”


Getting everyone involved

Apart from that, Lidia often visits the other Polish offices and laundries, talks to her colleagues there and engages them in her team’s projects. “We solve challenges and we improve the quality of our service for our customers, every single day”, she says. “And we want every employee to enjoy their work at CWS-boco. Continuous Improvement is a culture, and a mindset not a project and the goal is to make all employees aware of and engage them in this process. That’s what Continuous Improvement means to me.”

In short: Lidia’s job revolves around talking to people and involving them in projects that make CWS-boco’s services and products even better. “What I love about my job is the teamwork. I like getting people involved and being there when they realise that they have an impact, they have the power to improve things.”

Lidia Nowakowska-Guzikowska of CWS-boco Poland

5 Questions for… Lidia Nowakowska-Guzikowska

1. What I like about my job is…

…to involve every employee, every day, at every workplace in improving our organisation.

2. My favourite part of my day is…

… in the evening when I meet with my family, we talk to each other, we exchange impressions from the day.

3. In my free time, I like to…

… travel around the world, get to know nature, new cultures, new people and cuisines of the world.

4. My motto is:

“Progress not Perfection.”

5. For me, success is…

… to be happy, respect others, and achieve personal goals.