5 Questions for... Rüdiger Kamitz

Always on the go for our customers

Rüdiger Kamitz

There are hundreds of service drivers out and about on Europe’s roads on behalf of CWS-boco every day. They fulfil our service promise from start (collection) to finish (delivery): they collect dirty workwear, mats and cotton hand towels from customers and return them again freshly laundered. Rüdiger Kamitz is one of them – and has been for almost 20 years. Read on and find out what his daily work as a service driver involves and what he particularly enjoys about his job.

6 o’clock in the morning, somewhere in Germany…

Whilst the rest of the country slumbers on, Rüdiger Kamitz and his colleagues are already preparing for the day ahead. “We service drivers meet in the canteen at six for our morning coffee. And then I set off.” Rüdiger Kamitz heads to his service vehicle and checks whether he has loaded all the laundered items of clothing, mats and towel rolls for today’s route correctly. “I check my route for the day and put everything in the right order.” Then he gets into position behind the steering wheel and starts the ignition.

A peek behind the scenes

Rüdiger Kamitz in his service car
Delivering CWS towel rolls

“I deliver our products in Lower Franconia in Bavaria. That means I get to enjoy the picturesque landscape every day,” answered Rüdiger Kamitz when asked what he enjoys most about his work. “I also like the direct contact with the customers. I am always on the go, I get to meet lots of people and I get a peek behind the scenes at a wide range of companies.” It is this variety that still keeps him motivated after almost 20 years on the job. “We drivers never just sit around, we are always on the go!” he said with a chuckle.

Portrait Rüdiger Kamitz
Rüdiger Kamitz

5 questions for… Rüdiger Kamitz

1. My passion is...

My four-year-old Hovawart (Hovie) dog. He’s always by my side through thick and thin.

2. In my free time I enjoy...

I like to keep on the go, exercise and chop my own firewood. I find the peace and fresh air in the woods really relaxing. And when I fancy something a little less peaceful, I listen to AC/DC.

3. My favourite part of the day is…

My way home when I’ve made all my deliveries and my customers are satisfied. And if the weather is good, even better!

4. I am proud of...

My two sons!

5. My motto / favourite quote is...

You don’t get to choose how you’re going to die, or when. You can only decide how you’re going to live. Now! (Joan Baez)