CWS-boco peforms its own studies and surveys. You can find on this page every survey about the company and its business areas.


The international work protection survey

How secure do employees feel at their workplaces?
The survey shows whether employees do make compromises for their own safety, how protective equipment is be dealt with and which attitude companies have in the topic of safety.


How clean are public toilets?

This international survey in behalf of CWS-boco gives public toilets a bad certificate. Public washrooms are rather not a place of well-being. 


„Multisensory media in the workplace: Success factors for corporate decision makers"

An international survey on behalf of CWS-boco shows: coporate decision makers are ready for scents at work places.

According to the survey the use of scents in offices and other rooms in companies will increase. 


“Odours in the working environment”

The new online survey “Odours in the working environment” shows how the working attitude of germans can be influenced.