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Laundromat with man climbing into washing machine

Should workwear be washed at home or in the laundry?

Exercise caution when washing textiles for work

Strict hygiene requirements apply in an array of professions and fields, for example in healthcare and gastronomy – and washing is no exception. Four studies have shown the extent to which these can be satisfied with domestic washing machines and whether industrial...

Foam soap on a hand

A Little Guide to Soap

From soap bars to foam soap - what's best?

Washroom operators have the choice between different types of soap. What are the important things to consider? And what influence does soap have on the hygiene in the washroom?


The CWS-boco guide to soap

Which soap is the right one?...

Modern workwear from CWS-boco in red/anthracite, grey/anthracite and blue/anthracite

Workwear: The trends in 2019

Sustainable design with logo and casual feel

Workwear in trendy colours? Contemporary designs which don’t lose their appeal quickly? What about workwear that sounds the alarm when a dangerous situation arises? Our designer Ildikó Erhard tells us more about the top trends for workwear in 2019 and what...

Care staff have a particular responsibility when it comes to preventing infectious diseases, which is why hand hygiene is an important element of their daily duties.

Hand hygiene in the care sector

Staying healthy thanks to hand hygiene

Special regulations apply in elderly and other care homes aimed at protecting the residents and care staff from infectious diseases. Hand hygiene plays an important role in the reduction of infectious diseases. So, what do care facilities need to pay attention to and how can...

CWS-boco service driver lays out a clean mat

Dust control mats in the rental service

Sustainably clean in just one hour

With a capacity for up to 4.5 litres of dirt and water per square metre, dust control mats are true marvels of absorption – but even they have to be relieved of dirt from time to time. Read on to find out more about the resource-friendly and hygienic cleaning of mats....

Beate Busch next to a sign about CWS-boco customer service

5 Questions for… Beate Busch

With heart and soul in the hustle and bustle

Full business activity in the central customer service at CWS-boco in Dreieich: Stepping into the big room, you can hear several languages, phones ringing, people talking. Many team members wear headsets, speaking to customers and recording orders and customer wishes. "...