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Care staff have a particular responsibility when it comes to preventing infectious diseases, which is why hand hygiene is an important element of their daily duties.

Hand hygiene in the care sector

Staying healthy thanks to hand hygiene

Special regulations apply in elderly and other care homes aimed at protecting the residents and care staff from infectious diseases. Hand hygiene plays an important role in the reduction of infectious diseases. So, what do care facilities need to pay attention to and how can...

CWS-boco service driver lays out a clean mat

Dust control mats in the rental service

Sustainably clean in just one hour

With a capacity for up to 4.5 litres of dirt and water per square metre, dust control mats are true marvels of absorption – but even they have to be relieved of dirt from time to time. Read on to find out more about the resource-friendly and hygienic cleaning of mats....

Beate Busch next to a sign about CWS-boco customer service

5 Questions for… Beate Busch

With heart and soul in the hustle and bustle

Full business activity in the central customer service at CWS-boco in Dreieich: Stepping into the big room, you can hear several languages, phones ringing, people talking. Many team members wear headsets, speaking to customers and recording orders and customer wishes. "...

Washroom equipped with CWS products

Planning public washrooms

What you need to consider

When planning commercial buildings, shops and restaurants, there are an endless number of options for realising your personal visions and also accommodating users’ requirements. The same is true for washrooms. Ralf Biese, National Sales Manager for Partner Sales...

Woman sneezing; handwashing scene

Preventing colds and flu

5 hygiene tips for the colder months

The number of people falling ill rises sharply at this time of the year. As the days grow shorter and colder, our immune systems seem to give up the fight against bacteria and viruses. However, there are some simple things you can do to protect yourself. Read more about...

Two photos of Nowakowska-Guzikowska

5 Questions for… Lidia Nowakowska-Guzikowska

Involving people, solving challenges

Getting better every day – for Lidia Nowakowska-Guzikowska, this isn’t just an empty phrase. It’s her daily job and biggest motivation. “Here in Poland, we started implementing tools based on Lean Management to track how good we actually are in the...