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Workwear with Fairtrade label

The Trend for Fairtrade Workwear

Two reasons for choosing fairly produced cotton garments

It’s produced fairly, comfortable to wear and looks great too: Sustainable fashion has been on trend for a long time now. Find out more about what companies, organisations and communities can achieve through the use of workwear made from certified Fairtrade...

Rüdiger Kamitz

5 Questions for... Rüdiger Kamitz

Always on the go for our customers

There are hundreds of service drivers out and about on Europe’s roads on behalf of CWS-boco every day. They fulfil our service promise from start (collection) to finish (delivery): they collect dirty workwear, mats and cotton hand towels from customers and return them...

The boco test centre where workwear is put through its paces.

The Textile Detectives

A trip to the boco test centre for workwear

You have to be able to rely on workwear and PPE. Their duties include protecting wearers from harmful chemicals, for example. What’s more, they have to be long-lasting and also look good, as they are a walking advertisement for both the company and its employees. At CWS...

Occupational safety signs

Occupational Health and Safety

The basics

Whether working on a machine, in a warehouse, on a building site or at a desk: accidents can happen anywhere, even when we take the greatest care. That’s why occupational health and safety is indispensable in companies. Governments pass occupational health and safety...

Thomas Wessels

5 Questions for... Thomas Wessels

Opening yourself up to the unknown

When CWS-boco and Initial came together in the joint venture in summer 2017, Thomas Wessels had already been with the company for quite some time. He had occupied a wide range of positions at Initial over the previous ten years – most recently as Head of Quality and...

Staff with HACCP workwear

HACCP clothing

Guidelines for ensuring food hygiene

Particular guidelines apply to HACCP clothing since strict hygiene requirements apply in food processing operations. Find out more in this article about which rules apply for workwear within the scope of an HACCP concept and how boco can assist you in selecting and taking...