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boco Cleanroom service

boco Cleanroom service cycle

CWS-boco’s commitment to quality and product innovation, combined with an extensive range of cleanroom clothing and customer services, provides bespoke solutions for effective control of contamination throughout the entire service cycle.

The delivery, processing and decontamination of reusable special clothing presents a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for all requirements on cleanroom clothing – from design right up to delivery.

Cleanroom service in detail


  • Collection of used clothing from customer
  • Separate, contamination-proof transport crates
Incoming goods inspection
  • Electronic documentation of all items for individual tracking of textiles
  • Exchange of items which have already gone through an agreed number of wash cycles
  • Checking of clothing for damage and particular stains
  • Professional repair of damaged items
  • Sorting of the goods
Washing | Drying
  • Disinfecting and validated washing procedure with supply water for a consistent wash quality
  • Gentle drying process with special air filters
  • Standard-compliant and sustainable processing procedures for cleanroom clothing with a long useful life
Quality control
  • Repeated checking of all items for cleanliness and damage
  • Continuous quality management in acc. with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
  • Certified reprocessing under cleanroom conditions in acc. with EN ISO 14644
  • Complete batch documentation of all process and processing stages
helmke drum test
  • Helmke drum test for residual particle analysis in acc. with IES-RP-CC003
  • Each batch is only approved once it passes this test
  • Documentation of analysis results

The Helmke drum test simulates the clothing’s particle shedding in motion. The garments are tumbled in a rotating drum to detach particles from the surface of the clothing. An automatic particle counter determines the average particle concentration in the air within the drum.

  • Folding of clothing in accordance with individually defined specifications
  • Sterile / contamination-proof, sealed individual packaging
  • Electronic pre-delivery inspection of all items
  • Sterilisation of all items including special packaging at the customer’s request
  • Sterilisation with steam in an autoclave in acc. with DIN EN ISO 17665 and EN 285 (at 121°C or 134°C) or with gamma radiation depending on the laundry
  • Picking of all individual items
  • Delivery to customer in separate, contamination-proof containers
Helmke drum test