Pioneering spirit and innovation


Right from the start, both boco as well as CWS have been shaped by innovative drive and the desire to provide nothing but the best possible service. 2001 saw the two companies merge to form today’s CWS-boco.

boco: Handcart, flour sacks and  a permanent pioneering spirit

Bernhard Burmeister founded boco with a handcart and a couple of dozen rental towels. In 1908 he joined together with his former competitors: the result was Burmeister, Oszmer & Co – boco for short.  The handcarts were replaced by horse-drawn wagons, new staff taken on and larger premises were moved into.

Today, over 1,600 vehicles of the CWS-boco service fleet are on the move every day at the service of our customers throughout Europe.

CWS: The ingenious idea of an entrepreneur’s forward-looking wife

Up into the 1950s it was quite customary for towels in the washrooms of public and industrial facilities to be used until they were quite simply too soiled or displeasing to the eye. In 1958 came a breakthrough in terms of hygiene with the introduction of the first CWS towel dispenser: this was an ingenious  idea on the part of Erika Schnyder, the wife of CWS founder Conrad Wolfgang Schnyder. The 1970s saw the company again setting a milestone for added hygiene; its launching of the touchless towel dispenser in 1976 was the start of a new chapter in the history of hygiene.  The first self-cleaning toilet seat – the CWS CleanSeat –  likewise caused a stir when it was launched in 1993.