Sustainable hand drying

Cotton towels protect the environment

Not only are CWS cotton towels good for drying hands, but also for the environment, as they are reusable. After use, the rolls get washed to the highest hygiene standards and thus dry countless pairs of hands in the course of their lives.

An approx. 35 m long cotton towel roll:

  • contains approx. 110 towel portions per use
  • can be washed up to 100 times
  • can therefore be used to dry approx. 11,000 pairs of hands.
Cotton towels for the environment

A cotton towel roll replaces up to 22,000 paper towels over the course of its lifecycle.1 Approx. 90% of our old rolls are recycled as raw material for cleaning cloths and cleaning mops.

Environmental study praises cotton towel rolls

Everyone can help protect the environment, everywhere – even in washrooms: by using cotton towel rolls instead of paper. This was recently confirmed by a scientific study2 commissioned by the Textile Service Trade Association (WIRTEX) and the European Textile Service Association (ETSA).

Cotton towel rolls produce 95% less waste than virgin paper and 95.4% less waste than recycled paper: in other words, around 20 times less in both cases.

comparison waste paper and cotton towels
comparison energy paper and cotton towels

Cotton towel rolls consume 48% less energy than virgin paper and 40% less energy than recycled paper.

The global warming potential of cotton towel rolls is 29% lower than that of virgin paper and 43% lower than that of recycled paper.

comparison global warming paper and cotton towels
additional resulty study environment

Air pollution, summer smog formation, water consumption and the acidification and overfertilisation of soils were all compared as well.

Overall, the cotton towel system was better for the environment than recycled paper in seven out of eight categories and better than virgin paper in six out of eight categories. The study covered raw-material production and manufacture, use and reuse as well as disposal and recycling of the three hand-drying materials.

The Blue Angel crowns our certificates

All dispenser lines of our CWS cotton towel systems have been awarded the renowned Blue Angel ecolabel3 to RAL-UZ 77. This is because CWS cotton towel systems conserve natural resources, reduce waste and have a lower impact on our water resources.

blue angel logo
confidence in textiles logo

CWS cotton towel rolls are also certified to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 and classified as Product Class II (products with skin contact). The Oeko-Tex® certificate is awarded on the premise that the more contact the product has with the skin, the stricter the human ecology requirements the textiles must fulfil.

[1] The use of 2 standard paper towels of medium type and quality is assumed per cotton towel portion, based on approx. 100 wash cycles of one “CWS slim role”, which provides about 110 portions per clean roll.
[2] Source: LCA of mechanical hand-drying systems: A comparison of cotton and paper towels, thinkstep 2016.
[3] Blue Angel: Applies to the subsidiaries CWS-boco Deutschland GmbH, CWS-boco BeLux N.V., CWS Nederland B.V. , CWS-boco Suisse SA, CWS-boco Ireland Ltd.

Download of the study