CWS-boco at A+A trade fair 2015: New collections and safety tests

, 27/10/2015

From 27th to 30th October CWS-boco will be exhibiting the new boco proFlex4®+ welder clothing range and the boco Profi Line Protection multifunction clothing range at the A+A trade fair in Düsseldorf for the very first time. But that is not all: Under the motto “Protection 365” the specialist for textile rental services will be offering visitors to its booth (Hall 05, Booth D24) the possibility to test the quality of the protective clothing for themselves.

New boco collections

CWS-boco will be launching its new personal protective equipment (PPE) collections exclusively at the A+A. The new boco Profi Line Protection range unites the modern cut of the popular workwear collection boco Profi Line with optimal all-round protection: Heat and flame protection, welding protection and protection against arc faults and chemicals. In addition, the clothing also boasts antistatic properties. In a multifunctional fashion, this protective clothing protects its wearers in different working situations. It’s a true jack of all trades which renders time-consuming changing of clothing when switching working steps completely unnecessary.

The new boco ProFlex4®+ collection is also another trade fair première. The sealed and smooth outer coating repels metal splashes during welding and grinding. The material is also flame-retardant and tear-resistant – important characteristics for Class 2 welder protection clothing certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 11611. With a fabric weight of around 320 grams/m2, the new collection is also comfortably light to wear.

The boco test bench

True to this year’s trade fair slogan “Experience Safety!”, visitors to the CWS-boco booth will have the chance to test out the boco PPE for themselves. They can check the reflectors on the high-visibility clothing or conduct a hydrophobising test on the weather-protection clothing: Interested parties can also find out more about how professional reprocessing preserves the protective function at the test bench.

In addition, CWS-boco will be holding a live “Thermo Man®” show at the A+A to demonstrate the quality of the PPE. This demonstration shows live how naked flames affect protective clothing and how the clothing protects the wearer from fire and heat.

Thermo-Man® live demonstration

Meet at the CWS-boco booth: 28th October at 4:45 p.m.


Reliable reprocessing

CWS-boco offers workwear in a professional rental service. This includes the customisation of the clothing as well as professional cleaning and reprocessing. That offers a whole range of advantages. The reason: Only protective clothing which is professionally maintained satisfies the statutory requirements that companies are required to observe in the long term.

CWS-boco boasts more than 20 high-tech laundries across Germany washing articles of clothing in special washing procedures which protect materials and save resources. Specially trained personnel then checks the clothing to ensure the protection is preserved. Any damage is repaired professionally and items which cannot be repaired are removed from circulation and replaced with new ones.

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