Improved hygiene in school washrooms
CWS-boco is supporting the “Toiletten machen Schule” competition organised by the German Toilet Organization

, 17/10/2018

The brief for the hygiene competition held by the German Toilet Organization (GTO) was to use creative concepts to provide permanent solutions to hygiene problems. Supporting the campaign is an issue very close to CWS-boco’s heart. The provider of hygiene solutions is actively involved in numerous campaigns aimed at improving hygiene education in society.

“We want to improve the hygiene standards in public washrooms,” explained Carsten Bettermann, Chief Divisional Officer Hygiene at CWS-boco International. “Schools often have particular needs in this respect. It is frequently the case that the sanitary facilities are in poor condition,” continued Mr Bettermann. “With the ‘Back to school for toilets’ campaign, we want to raise awareness of and appreciation for the places where we ‘spend a penny’ in order to improve the hygiene situation in the long term.” A survey conducted by the GTO of Berlin’s schools indicated that around three quarters of all pupils never use the sanitary facilities there or only do so in an emergency. “Something desperately needs to change!” stressed Carsten Bettermann.

The company has always been committed to health education and improving hygiene conditions both in Germany and around the world. With hygiene education campaigns such as the hygiene detective Inspector Clean and Nico the magician, even the youngest of pupils are taught in a fun way about the importance of hand hygiene and, at the same time, their appreciation of sanitary facilities is also raised. CWS-boco has been supporting the efforts of the GTO for many years with a wide range of projects – its backing of the “Back to school for toilets” competition this year is no exception.
Washroom competition as an opportunity for schools and municipalities

By taking a closer look at the issues of hygiene, appreciation and assuming responsibility for the situation in one’s own washrooms, the goal is to change pupils’ attitudes and actions. If everyone pulls together to achieve a sustainable improvement, this, in turn, will reduce the maintenance costs for the predominantly municipal operators. “We are calling upon all schools to take this opportunity to improve their washrooms,” stressed Mr Bettermann in an effort to encourage participation in this campaign.

International cooperation

This academic year, in conjunction with the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ), the GTO has launched a number of similar campaigns in schools around the world. Under the title “Toilet making the grade”, partner competitions are also being held in Uganda and Pakistan.



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