CWS cleaning products

CWS cleanin products

From floors to surfaces, washrooms to kitchens – everything in a building should be perfectly clean at all times. Let CWS-boco take over some of the workload with its rental cleaning products.

Rent rather than buy

Mop pads, microfibre cloths and cleaning carts are available under the CWS-boco rental service. How do you benefit? You do not have to buy the products and we take care of the cleaning, logistics and storage for you. We collect the cloths and mop pads from your premises regularly, wash them and return them. We also supply you regularly with cleaning products.

Save time and cut costs

We help you to save time and money. Our rental service eliminates the cost of investing in textiles and carts. If you need replacements, CWS-boco will provide them. You save on storage and logistics, as we regularly deliver all the materials you require. Since CWS-boco provides everything from a single source, there is no coordination of different service providers.

Mop pads

The right pad for every floor: that’s the solution for a brilliant result – literally! Depending on the application, floor material, frequency of cleaning, cleaning product and degree of soiling, we offer mop pads with the right fibre blend.

CWs cleaning mop
CWS microfibre cloth

Microfibre cloths

Clean glass, metal, plastic and other smooth, sealed and textured surfaces professionally using CWS-boco microfibre cloths. With regular washing as part of our rental service, the cloths retain their high absorbency – perfect for cleaning the entire interior.



Cleaning carts

Cleaning carts should provide storage but take up as little space as possible. The right cleaning cart has enough space for all the cleaning utilities you need and is flexible and easy to move. CWS-boco supplies carts on a rental basis. You are spared the purchase price and enjoy the use of a high-quality product.


CWS cleaning trolley


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