ecoilet – the environmental label for sustainable washrooms

ecoilet, the sustainability label from CWS-boco for washrooms, is a visible sign of a company’s commitment to the environment. The label is awarded to washroom operators who use the ecoilet product range and thus place importance on protecting resources. This allows visitors to washrooms in offices, restaurants, airports, train stations and other public buildings to see straight away that the operator takes a sustainable approach. 
For this label to be awarded, the washroom must be equipped with the ecoilet package comprising 

These products  were selected as they help to save water, raw materials, waste and consumables. This helps to protect the environment and, at the same time, cuts costs in the washroom whilst maintaining a high level of comfort and convenience for guests. 

Cotton towels: Cared-for hands without the waste

Example: The cotton towel roll. The soft material is very popular among guests as it absorbs moisture effectively and, thanks to the rubbing effect, the hands are also gently massaged. What’s more, this solution is highly efficient: Measuring around 35 metres in length, the cotton towel roll offers some 110 clean towel segments which are provided via the dispenser’s retraction system.


After use, the cotton towel rolls are exchanged and washed in one of our high-tech laundries. We use as little water and detergent as possible here without compromising in terms of cleanliness and hygiene. This process is repeated some 100 times. Only then is the material separated out and used to make cleaning cloths.


As such, over the course of its service life, each cotton towel roll can dry hands up to 11,000 times without any waste being created in the washroom.  A figure which speaks for itself! Part of this success story lies in the fact that the CWS cotton towel systems have also been awarded the Blue Angel eco-label and the hygiene certificate.

Foam soap saves water


Did you know that soap can also have a positive effect on a washroom’s environmental record? This is something that only very few users think about. However, a comparison between foam soap and liquid soap confirms that compared with liquid soap, foam soap goes much further. It requires no water for foaming and is easier to rinse off your hands than liquid soap whilst ensuring the same cleaning results. The amount of soap used can thus be easily reduced by up to 50 per cent.1

Recycled paper in the name of the environment

Toilet paper is, of course, a must in all washrooms. The ecoilet products all exclusively use recycled paper. After all, this consumes less water, energy and resources than paper made of fresh fibre. Moreover, this also produces less CO2 emissions during the production process.2 For us, a great reason to award this with the Ecolabel for its reduced impact on the environment. A roll brake in the dispenser helps guests to use paper sparingly.

Demand for our environmental label is growing


We launched our ecoilet label back in 2015. In 2015 only 439 washrooms bore this seal, by the end of 2017 this figure had risen to more than 3,300. This is proof that washroom operators and guests place importance on sustainability!


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[1] “Klinikum testet: Schaumseife gegen Cremeseife”, 1998, reprint of medical special, Issue 09/98, Ith-Verlag.