A great performance: 45 years of CWS dust control mats

, 03/11/2015

They really are the unsung heroes of indoor furnishings: Mats are an unassuming feature in heavily frequented areas, but they shape the atmosphere in a building and prove to be a great source of cost savings. CWS mats have now been cutting cleaning costs, protecting floors, ensuring safe footing and welcoming visitors to companies and institutions for 45 years. The range of products on offer is extensive and includes something for every requirement.

The first CWS dust control mats in 1970 were made of simple cotton with a latex rubber back. Today, high twist nylon fibres ensure optimal absorption of dirt and moisture and the special piles brush dirt off reliably. Levelled edges help avoid tripping accidents and countless bumps on the rubber back keep the mat securely in position. A mat offers safe footing in the wet winter months in particular.

Cut cleaning costs

CWS dust control mats are recommended for all regularly frequented areas. They cut cleaning costs as up to 80% of dirt is brought into a building on the shoes of visitors and employees alone. According to the Institute of Industrial Laundries, a tested dust control mat system can collect around 70% of the dirt, dust and moisture.* This reduces the workload for cleaning staff and protects valuable floors from wearing before their time.
Each square metre of a CWS dust control mat made of advanced nylon can absorb up to 4.8 litres of dirt and moisture. The rubber back traps the dirt and the moisture evaporates.

Mats for every requirement

Whether we’re talking about mats in creative shapes or with customised colours and prints, robust aluminium profile mats or joint-protecting anti-fatigue mats for employees: the doormats are used in all situations. CWS-boco also regularly launches solutions in this product segment on the market which have been developed to satisfy particular customer requirements. For example, this concept was what inspired the first CWS industrial mat, designed to protect storerooms from outside dirt and robust enough to withstand being crossed by forklift trucks. The mat is secured on the floor and automatically returned to its position by means of eyelets and rubber expanders if the vehicle displaces it when crossing.

In addition to their function as a dirt barrier, the CWS logo and shape mats are useful design elements. They are available in customised shapes with individual motifs and in a whole spectrum of colours. In this way, the mat can be used to reinforce your corporate design and as an attractive advertising tool.

Rental service for even more sustainability

In the scope of the rental service the mats are collected by the CWS service drivers, cleaned and returned. The company now reprocesses around 7.5 million dust control mats around the world every year. The CWS mats are washed in accordance with an environmental management system certified to DIN EN ISO 14001.

The history of dust control mats

The first washable dust control mats were developed by an American cleaning company back in the 1950s. The company realised that the cleaning staff spent most of their time maintaining the main entrance areas. The cleaning was performed with mop heads made of cotton and the owner of the cleaning company came up with the idea of sewing a line of mop heads together and positioning it in the entrance area. And so the first ever dust control mat measuring 20x100 cm was born.


*Source: European Cleaning Journal “Remember to wipe your feet (2004/05)”

All images: © CWS-boco

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