Hygiene in retirement and care homes

For health and well-being of residents and visitors

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Residents of retirement and care homes are particularly susceptible to infections. Hygiene is thus a central issue in such facilities. Visitors also play a role here: they are a gateway for dirt and germs. In our latest blog, you can read about how operators can minimise this risk and also create a pleasant atmosphere.

Retirement and care facilities are home to a growing number of people; these are places where residents should feel safe, at ease and protected. Yet achieving this is no mean feat for operators. After all, these homes are a hive of activity: visitors, service providers and personnel are constantly entering and leaving. This not only results in a great deal of hustle and bustle, but can also jeopardise the health of residents. For example, if the family and friends of residents bring dirt and germs in with them when they visit.

Hygiene in care homes starts in the reception area

The reception area is all important for determining how clean and hygienic retirement and care homes are. After all, 70-80% of all dirt inside buildings is caused by visitors. In fact, 500 visitors a day generate up to 3.5 kg of dirt.1

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Dirt from the street is not just an aesthetic problem: wet floors and leaves which have been brought in on shoes increase the risk of accidents for residents, staff and visitors. Moreover, germs are also transported indoors together with the dirt.

Dust control mats are a great solution. With a capacity for up to 4.5 litres per square metre, they absorb the vast majority of dry and wet dirt before it spreads beyond the reception area. This reduces the need for additional floor cleaning significantly – and, at the same time, results in a great sense of well-being and improved safety. Regular mat cleaning, e.g., as part of our rental service, not only ensures that the reception area makes a first-class impression, but also that the floors are dry and not slippery. But that doesn’t mean the mats have to look dull: appealing colours and customised designs (for example featuring the company’s own logo or an inviting phrase) create an ideal atmosphere.

Hand hygiene to prevent against the risk of infection in care homes

Whatever the time of year, it is always the season for germs. What’s more, they are able to spread quicker than we realise. The crux: even if we are healthy, we can still spread viruses via our hands. There are special hygiene regulations and recommendations in place in care homes to protect the residents of retirement and care homes from colds, gastrointestinal infections and other infectious diseases.

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Visitors can also help to protect health, for example by washing their hands before and after contact with residents. If a visitor has a cold or if has been in contact with ill people, hand disinfection is also highly recommendable. Retirement and care homes can promote this preventative measure by providing disinfectant dispensers in corridors and washrooms. Dispensers operated by means of a sensor are ideal for ensuring great user-friendliness. They function without contact and can be real eye-catchers, take for example the CWS Disinfect NT. 

The disinfectant gel in the dispenser is well suited to public areas and washrooms and thus ideal for enabling visitors to disinfect their hands. It boasts a bacterial and limited virucidal effect and thus satisfies all the requirements for hygienic hand washing (as per EN 1499) and hygienic hand disinfection (as per EN 1500). Furthermore, it is quickly absorbed and leaves the skin feeling pleasant and not sticky. The bottle can also be replaced quickly and simply – a major plus in the busy everyday routines of retirement and care homes.

Cleanliness in care home washrooms

CWS cotton towel dispenser

Cleanliness and hygiene is also the top priority in visitor washrooms. Ideally, they should be equipped with contact-free soap and disinfectant dispensers. Operators can also assist visitors when it comes to hand drying. After all, wet hands are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. That is why thorough hand drying with a clean towel is essential. 

The cotton towel roll in a dispenser with retraction system is the perfect solution: the used segment of towel is automatically pulled back in by the dispenser. The 2-chamber system in the dispensers ensures that the fresh part of the roll within the system is kept separate from the used roll. This means that dirt and germs cannot “travel” further.

The high hygiene standards of the CWS cotton towel dispensers have been confirmed by the Hygiene-Institut Berlin SearchCare. The hygiene certificate is clearly visible on the dispenser and helps to reassure guests. In addition, thanks to the cotton towel roll, there is no waste – the washroom remains spick and span, despite the busy atmosphere. All CWS cotton towel roll systems have been awarded the Blue Angel eco-label (according to RAL-UZ 77) and the Oeko-Tex® certificate.

Feel-good atmosphere thanks to fragrance dispensers

Cleanliness plays a major part in determining whether we feel at ease in buildings. Odours are also an important aspect. This is particularly true in retirement and care homes. After all, disinfectants and other smells typical of care homes undermine the desire of residents and visitors to feel at home as they are reminiscent of hospitals. Fragrance dispensers are a subtle way of creating a feel-good atmosphere

Corridor in care home

The CWS Paradise Air Bar neutralises the unpleasant day-to-day odours in care homes without being overpowering. The fragrances are distributed and sprayed invisibly in the room via a diffusion system. Which means they leave no traces on the walls or furniture. The fragrance intensity can be set individually and even the fragrance can be varied. What’s more, the user interface has been designed to be easy and intuitive to operate.

The trio for greater hygiene

Dust control mats, hand hygiene and a sense of well-being thanks to a subtle fragrance – this trio makes it possible to ensure hygiene in retirement and care homes easily, even with high visitor frequencies. What’s more, with the rental service solutions, there is no additional work for employees, meaning they can focus fully on the residents and their needs.


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