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Standing for long periods at work

What can be done to help?

It is well known that staying seated at a desk for long periods of time is bad for our health: Numerous articles in the media and warnings from experts help to keep the spotlight on this issue. However, many workers only sit down very occasionally – their jobs demand...

EcoVadis CSR Rating Gold CWS-boco Deutschland

EcoVadis: CWS-boco scoops gold for the third time

In the scope of its Group-wide environmental and social efforts, CWS-boco has achieved yet another milestone. CWS-boco Deutschland was recently awarded gold status by EcoVadis for the third time in a row. This puts the...

Washroom with red CWS Paradise Line

Hygiene in public restrooms – people are the problem

Part 2 of the interview with hygiene expert Prof. Zastrow

In the second part of our interview, hygiene expert Prof. Klaus-Dieter Zastrow explains why public toilets tend to not be very hygienic. He gives tips for washroom operators to make guests and customers feel at ease in a clean environment. With a few easy tweaks, owners can...

Prof. Klaus-Dieter Zastrow

Public Washrooms – a Key to Health

Hygiene expert Prof. Klaus-Dieter Zastrow in an Interview with CWS-boco

Diseases are often communicated from hand to hand. Especially in the winter, the number of flu infections and colds is rising and the topic of hand hygiene comes back onto the agenda. CWS-boco has talked to hygiene expert Prof. Klaus-Dieter Zastrow about how to best equip...

CWS-boco at A+A Fair in Düsseldorf, 17.-20. Oktober 2017

CWS-boco − Rent your safety

Protective Workwear: 3 Common Mistakes That Can Make Your Work More Dangerous

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is indispensable in many industries. It protects workers from fire, cold and other dangers. But to be able to optimally protect workers, PPE must be maintained properly. Read more about common mistakes that can lessen the protective effects...

Gold for CWS-boco

BCM Award: It’s gold for CWS-boco!

The official presentation of the BCM –  Best of Content Marketing Award 2017 took recently place at a ceremony in Berlin. CWS-boco groups’s CR Intermediate Report 2016, “Handle with Care”, was nominated for the prestigious marketing award and,...