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Shailesh Patel and CEO Max Teichner

The face of sustainable procurement

When fair trade get’s a face: Visit of Shailesh Patel in the German headquarters in Dreieich. His farmers cooperative in India produces the cotton of our fairtrade-collection boco Profi Line. Our employees got the chance to meet him and learn more about the advantages...

boco collection

Consumers pay attention to work safety and a well-groomed appearance – even with craftsmen

How important is compliance with standards for workplace safety to consumers in Germany? The answers to this and other questions are published in the new craftsman survey conducted by NET-request on behalf of CWS-boco.

The results show that customers think and act...

boco Base Line in red

boco Base Line.

Focusing on the basics.

boco Basic Line is the perfect basic range for a whole spectrum of different fields of activity in industry, trade, logistics and the service sector. A variety of functional items of clothing in eight different colours which go together perfectly and can be optimally combined...


Public Toilets and the Human Hygiene Risk

Public toilets are often unprofitable for towns and municipalities. However, their closure is soon met with considerable protest. Town hall debates fail to appreciate just how important the sanitary facilities are for many sections of the population. Prof. Dr. med. Klaus-...

boco Compact Line

boco Compact Line.

Designed for your job.

The new boco Compact Line has been developed for discerning, price-concious professionals, who don’t want to compromise and know precisely what they need for practical work. It has been designed especially for the day-to-day requirements of work in industry and trade...

boco Fairtrade

boco is committed to Fairtrade cotton for its Profi Line collection

Workwear designed to improve companies’ sustainability balance

The look, function and price are often primary factors when choosing workwear. However, how and where the clothing is made is also taking on ever greater importance for companies. For this reason, as of 2016 boco has decided to introduce the use of Fairtrade material for the...