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Dr. Ulrich David succeeds Philipp Neuhaus as CFO next year

CWS-boco Group with new CFO

As of 1st March 2015, Dr. Ulrich David will be taking over as the new Chief Financial Officer of the CWS-boco Group based in Duisburg, Germany. Up until now, Dr. David was a member of the management team and responsible for the finances of CWS-boco Deutschland. He will be...

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CWS-boco donates € 5,000 euros to the German Toilet Organization

Users help to boost the total donation by taking part in the Urgent Run quiz

In November of this year, pupils from the Theodor-Fontane-Oberschule school in Potsdam, Germany, took part in the “Urgent Run” charity race and raised € 3,000 for the German Toilet Organization (GTO) thanks to CWS-boco’s sponsorship. Following this, the...

Urgent Run Quiz

World Toilet Day 2014

Quiz, help and win!

CWS-boco takes the World Toilet Day as an opportunity to draw attention to the relevance of sanitation systems for hygiene and health. This year the World Toilet Organization will promote the World Toilet Day with the campaign “The Urgent Run”, a run that takes...

World Toilet Day 2013

World Toilet Day 2013

World Toilet Day takes place annually on November 19. It was created in 2001 as an international day in order to draw attention at the global sanitarian problem of not having access to a toilet. 2.5 billion people do not have a clean toilet. CWS-boco wants to use the World...