Expanded European presence
loovio by CWS addresses increasing demand for outsourcing solutions for public toilets

, 24/04/2017

The loovio by CWS division is now providing hygienic, smoothly managed public washrooms in both Germany and Denmark. With sanitary facilities in one of the largest retail stores in the centre of Dortmund and at a motorway service station in Pedersminde, Denmark, CWS-boco is now successfully addressing the increasing demand for outsourcing solutions for public toilets. This step sees expansion of the division established in 2016 by two further European countries in addition to its pilot market in Italy.

With loovio by CWS, CWS-boco is developing a new division which is able to benefit from the company’s 60 years of expertise in the field of washroom hygiene. CWS-boco opened the first proprietarily operated washroom based on the loovio concept in the Roma San Pietro train station in Rome in November 2016. In the same year, the company also took over the operation of existing public sanitary facilities in a number of train stations and shopping centres across Southern Germany.

“Following the successful launch of our first location in the retail group’s Dortmund store last Saturday, the plan is to open another washroom in the chain’s Berlin store by the middle of the year,” announced Johannes Winterhager, Managing Director of CWS Complete Washroom Concepts. In addition, the company hopes to establish a total of five sanitary facilities at Danish service stations by the end of 2017 and, in doing so, to reinforce its international presence even further.

Welcome trend: More and more hygienic toilets for customers

loovio aims not only to satisfy the requirements on sanitary facilities in public amenities such as train stations and motorway service stations, but also to address another emerging trend in the retail sector: More and more stores are looking to offer their customers appealing sanitary facilities with the aim of rounding off the shopping experience. A recent survey commissioned by CWS-boco confirmed that this is a strategy that pays off: 88 per cent of respondents in five different European countries think that the cleanliness of a washroom is representative for the location as a whole. As such, hygienic sanitary facilities have a direct effect on a company or operation’s image and reputation. However, human resources in retail are often insufficient for the maintenance of the washrooms or the deployment of cleaning staff is not stringently planned. For this reason, CWS-boco is now offering the set-up, operation and care of the facilities in a complete outsourcing solution from a single source in the form of loovio. High-quality CWS products and trained personnel ensure a consistently high standard of hygiene.

The loovio concept: Everybody wins!

In loovio, companies receive a comprehensive, customised package which reduces the workload and high investment costs. Users pay a minimal fee for the use of the facilities and receive a voucher in return which can be redeemed on site at the gastronomy or retail location. Acceptance of paying for bathrooms is high among the general population: The survey revealed that a good three quarters of the men and women surveyed are willing to pay for the use of public washrooms if they meet their requirements on hygiene and cleanliness. 80 per cent of those in Germany are willing to take out their wallets if the corresponding sanitary facilities are well maintained.


You can find the results of the survey here: www.cws-boco.com/en-US/europes-washrooms-no-hygiene-people

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