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Prof. Klaus-Dieter Zastrow

Public Washrooms – a Key to Health

Hygiene expert Prof. Klaus-Dieter Zastrow in an Interview...

Diseases are often communicated from hand to hand. Especially in the winter, the number of flu infections and colds is rising and the topic of hand hygiene comes back onto the agenda. CWS-boco has...

Care staff have a particular responsibility when it comes to preventing infectious diseases, which is why hand hygiene is an important element of their daily duties.

Hand hygiene in the care sector

Staying healthy thanks to hand hygiene

Special regulations apply in elderly and other care homes aimed at protecting the residents and care staff from infectious diseases. Hand hygiene plays an important role in the reduction of...

CWS-boco service driver lays out a clean mat

Dust control mats in the rental service

Sustainably clean in just one hour

With a capacity for up to 4.5 litres of dirt and water per square metre, dust control mats are true marvels of absorption – but even they have to be relieved of dirt from time to time. Read...

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German Toilet Organization starts competition "Toiletten machen Schule"

CWS-boco is supporting the “Toiletten machen Schule” competition organised by the German Toilet Organization

17/10/2018 | Dreieich
The brief for the hygiene competition held by the German Toilet Organization (GTO) was to use creative concepts to provide permanent solutions to hygiene problems. Supporting the campaign is an issue very close to CWS-boco’s heart. The provider of hygiene solutions is actively involved in numerous campaigns aimed at improving hygiene education in society.
CWS-bocos Interim Report 2018

Handle with Care: Sustainability Interim Report 2018

18/09/2018 | Dreieich
Sustainability is a central element in CWS-boco’s business model and corporate strategy. The measures in this area extend across all company departments. The service provider of professional textile services and washroom hygiene solutions has been documenting the measures and their effectiveness since 2013. The latest results can now be found in the 2018 Sustainability Interim Report.
Daniel Willmes with Stefan Michaelis (f.l.t.r.)

CWS-boco: Strategic partnership with start-up “Jonny Fresh”

05/07/2018 | Duisburg
CWS-boco becomes a strategic investor in digital laundry “Jonny Fresh”. The investment provides for a seven-digit increase in capital, with the intention of boosting the growth of the Berlin-based start-up and expanding market leadership. As a result of their different business models, the cooperation of the two partners offers great potential. CWS-boco will benefit from the know-how of the start-up, to expand its own digital strategy.
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