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CWS hygiene experience lab: Hand hygiene

Hygiene at the highest level: How a digital washroom can ensure corporate success and world health

08/03/2019 | Dreieich
Washing hands makes successful. When employees are absent due to illness during waves of colds after business trips, trade fairs and major events, the workload is high for every company: shifts and tasks have to be rescheduled, orders remain unprocessed, productivity drops and some companies even have to close for days on end. The loss of turnover is immense. Increasing mobility around the globe also poses a health risk. The solution: Companies and businesses are focusing more on health prevention of their employees and training them. Disciplined hand hygiene is becoming increasingly easier for users of washrooms. Digitized products and processes in a "washroom of the future" serve as aids for more hygiene and health - in the company and around the world.
Adriana Nuneva, Chief Digital Officer at CWS-boco Group

CWS-boco continues to drive digital transformation

11/02/2019 | Dreieich
As Chief Digital Officer, Adriana Nuneva joined the CWS-boco Group in December. In the newly created role, she complements the international management team. Its goal is to further advance the digital transformation of the CWS-boco Group.
CWS-boco hand hygiene module with Smixin tap

CWS-boco and Smixin form partnership for digital hand hygiene solutions

05/02/2019 | Duisburg/Biel-Bienne
CWS-boco and Smixin have signed an agreement for a long-term partnership in the field of innovative hand hygiene solutions. Both parties aim to bundle their strengths in developing comprehensive and sustainable solutions for the highest standards of hand hygiene. CWS-boco will hold 12.5 per cent of the shares of Smixin SA. The two companies will begin their exclusive cooperation in the DACH and Benelux markets as of February 2019.
German Toilet Organization starts competition "Toiletten machen Schule"

CWS-boco is supporting the “Toiletten machen Schule” competition organised by the German Toilet Organization

17/10/2018 | Dreieich
The brief for the hygiene competition held by the German Toilet Organization (GTO) was to use creative concepts to provide permanent solutions to hygiene problems. Supporting the campaign is an issue very close to CWS-boco’s heart. The provider of hygiene solutions is actively involved in numerous campaigns aimed at improving hygiene education in society.
CWS-bocos Interim Report 2018

Handle with Care: Sustainability Interim Report 2018

18/09/2018 | Dreieich
Sustainability is a central element in CWS-boco’s business model and corporate strategy. The measures in this area extend across all company departments. The service provider of professional textile services and washroom hygiene solutions has been documenting the measures and their effectiveness since 2013. The latest results can now be found in the 2018 Sustainability Interim Report.
Daniel Willmes with Stefan Michaelis (f.l.t.r.)

CWS-boco: Strategic partnership with start-up “Jonny Fresh”

05/07/2018 | Duisburg
CWS-boco becomes a strategic investor in digital laundry “Jonny Fresh”. The investment provides for a seven-digit increase in capital, with the intention of boosting the growth of the Berlin-based start-up and expanding market leadership. As a result of their different business models, the cooperation of the two partners offers great potential. CWS-boco will benefit from the know-how of the start-up, to expand its own digital strategy.
With the right service partner, washrooms become true oases of well-being.

Serving YOUrope with hygiene experience – CWS-boco is the service partner for sustainable hygiene solutions

23/04/2018 | Dreieich
The CWS-boco trade fair booth at this year’s Interclean, the leading trade fair in the cleaning industry held in Amsterdam, will be under the motto “Serving YOUrope with hygiene experience”. From 15th to 18th May, the hygiene expert will be exhibiting its holistic service solutions for customers in all sectors at Booth 12.103 in Hall 12: From “green” washrooms to oases of well-being right up to complete outsourcing concepts.
CWS-boco survey toilet seat disinfection infographic

Disinfection instead of “nest building” for the ideal washroom

14/11/2017 | Dreieich
The results of a recent study[1] on hygiene in Europe’s public washrooms have confirmed that, for the majority of public toilet users, current hygiene measures are not sufficient. For over half of those surveyed (57 per cent)[2], public washrooms are not a place where they feel at ease. The toilets in particular were regarded as a sore point. The results of this survey concern washroom operators in all sectors and clearly highlight the immense need for better cleanliness. Operators who don’t wish to dismiss the sense of unease experienced by their guests as “hygiene hysteria” can make a good impression both quickly and easily through the service they offer.
CWS-boco Sustainability Report 2017

New sustainability report 2017 from CWS-boco

06/11/2017 | Dreieich
It’s there in black and white: We are green through and through! CWS-boco has now published its 2016 sustainability report. This report provides an insight into the company’s environmental record and the measures it is taking to ensure and promote sustainability. For example, the product life cycle of hand towel dispensers has been optimised thanks to upcycling and recycling. What’s more, the increase in the average duration of customer relationships to more than 13 years is confirmation that CWS-boco’s customers value the company and its philosophy.
boco weld workwear proflex 4

CWS-boco exhibits safety in a rental service

17/10/2017 | Dreieich
“Rent your Safety” is CWS-boco’s booth motto at this year’s A+A occupational health and safety trade fair, where the company presents its international survey on the same topic and exhibited its new boco workwear collection, which set new benchmarks in the field of sustainability in particular.