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CWS-boco donates park benches made from recycled washroom hygiene dispensers to charitable institutions

15/10/2012 | Dreieich
For many years now, CWS-boco has been committed to making its production and service processes even more environmentally friendly at every opportunity. The logistics organization uses electrically and natural gas powered vehicles, and the company’s high-tech in-house laundries work on a water and energy-saving basis, while discarded cotton towel rolls are recycled and used in the manufacture of mops. Now, CWS-boco has started a campaign within the framework of which the plastic housing of its towel, soap and fragrance dispensers are recycled and “reborn” as park benches. In keeping with CWS-boco’s corporate philosophy of “Serving you – Serving nature”, these benches are to be donated to non-profit and charitable institutions such as clubs, kindergartens, schools and retirement homes. As from the start of today’s Global Handwashing Day, such institutions can apply for a bench via CWS-boco’s Facebook page at The campaign ends on November 30th, 2012.

„Serving you, serving nature“: CWS-boco adds electrically powered vehicles to its service fleet

05/09/2012 | Dreieich / Dortmund
Two electrically powered vehicles will be in operation on service trips during the coming five years at the CWS-boco facilities in Bochum and Solingen. The practical testing is taking place within the framework of the Dortmund research project "ELMO – Elektromobile Urbane Wirtschaftsverkehre" (electromobile urban commercial transport), which itself is part of the federal "Model Regions Electromobility" programme and sponsored with funding from the German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs (BMVBS). The programme is coordinated by the National Organisation Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (NOW GmbH), with the objective of testing the long-term suitability of electric drive systems in commercial goods transport and thus to promote the topic of electromobility. The official kick-off event for the federal programme took place yesterday in Dortmund, attended by Dirk Inger, head of the "Climate and Environmental Policy" department at the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs.
CWS-boco opens high-tech laundry in Neuss/Germany

CWS-boco opens high-tech laundry in Neuss/Germany

27/06/2012 | Duisburg
The new CWS-boco laundry in Neuss went into operation a few days ago. True to CWS-boco’s corporate philosophy of “Serving you – Serving nature”, the facility was designed in line with criteria towards ensuring sustainably economic and environmentally friendly operation; consistent water and heat recovery and the deployment of heat exchangers enable the greatest possible saving of resources. Around 180 employees are active in the spheres of laundering, service and administration at the facility in Neuss.

CWS-boco International's Company Results 2011

07/05/2012 | Duisburg, 7 May 2012.
CWS-boco International closed fiscal 2011 (ended on 31 December 2011) with sales of EUR 748 million, equating to growth of around 2 percent as against the preceding year's figure of EUR 734 million. Sales adjusted for currency effects were at around the preceding year's level. The company's results benefited in 2011 from the economic recovery in Central Europe and the initial positive effects from the "Focus Future" strategic realignment programme. The operating result rose highly satisfactorily by EUR 26 million to EUR 41 million as consequence of operational improvements and lower one-off expenses than in fiscal 2010.

CWS-boco premiers the first augmented reality app enabling custom equipping of facilities

19/03/2012 | Duisburg
With its augmented reality app, CWS-boco is once again underlining its positioning as an innovation driver in the washroom hygiene sector. The app enables users of Android and Apple smartphones to equip – on a virtual basis – a real room with CWS washroom hygiene products. Existing and potential customers can thus take an advance look at which CWS solutions fit best visually into their facilities. By filming corresponding markers, CWS ParadiseLine dispensers can be visualized – enabling the user to find the most suitable place for the product in question and take a photo showing not only the room but also the ‘virtually installed’ dispenser or mat. This photo of the virtually equipped facility can then be saved into the smartphone’s gallery; directly via the app the customer can then contact the CWS-boco sales department to request a concrete price quotation.
CWS Washroom Information Service (WIS)

Text message from the washroom: when dispensers say what they need

07/03/2012 | Duisburg / Dreieich
In recent decades CWS-boco has launched numerous technical innovations relating to washroom hygiene, for example sensors which allow non-touch operation, cotton towel dispensers featuring a retraction system, which automatically retract the used portions and the roll end, and the two-chamber system which prevents the fresh and used portions of the cloth rolls touching one another. CWS-boco has now scored a hit with the intelligent CWS Washroom Information Service (WIS). The system provides the operator with various information, in real time, about the status of dispensers, for example whether the dispenser should be refilled. CWS-boco, the cleaning staff and washroom operators are thus promptly informed when the existing cotton towel roll is running low. The Washroom Information Service system can also be retrofitted to existing CWS ParadiseLine dispensers. Alternatively, it is possible to install dispensers in which the service is already established. During the FM trade show in Frankfurt (6 to 8 March 2012) CWS experts will be explaining the benefits of the system, which is still in its pilot phase to date. Our representatives will be happy to advise interested parties in person on individual hygiene solutions for the washroom, on dirt control mats and workwear on Stand D17 in Hall 11.0.