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High level of comfort at low cost - 3 benefits of outsourcing washrooms

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Washroom operators know only too well that the cleaning, maintenance and repair of public toilets is extremely costly. Read on to find out how you can customise your washroom whilst also cutting costs.

Quality service in your washroom area

Whether they are mandatory or a voluntary service provided by operators, public washrooms are taken for granted in Europe. In restaurants, cafés, shopping centres, airports and train stations as well as in the pedestrian precincts of popular cities. Even discount stores are increasingly providing customer toilets. After all, today you can’t get ahead of the competition through price alone, you also have to offer a quality service. And this includes providing customers with the opportunity to freshen up. Older customers and families with young children value this service in particular.

Crowd of people

Where public toilets are not required by law, it is often the cost-benefit calculation which determines whether a washroom is made available to customers and guests. This is hardly surprising since both the equipment and operation of public toilets equate to a considerable investment. For cleaning and maintenance sums of €15,000 and more per toilet and year can quickly add up. 

Modern washrooms without a major investment

Yet there are alternatives: on request, outsourcing partners such as loovio can handle the equipping and operation of customer toilets. The existing washrooms are either taken on or, in consultation with the operator, renovated. The operator’s specific wishes in terms of design and equipment are, of course, taken into account. Hand towel and soap dispensers in the corporate colours as well as the colour schemes used in the rooms are just two of numerous options.

There are three main reasons to work together with an expert outsourcing partner:

  1. Cost savings
  2. High level of service
  3. Focus on your core business and tasks


1. Cost savings

The investment volume for designing washrooms depends, of course, to a great extent on the operator’s specific expectations. By handing over responsibility for equipment and operation to an outsourcing partner, you benefit from that partner’s purchasing volumes and experience. Did you know that loovio by CWS is the only player on the market to offer both a complete outsourcing service and its own dispenser systems. Which means customers get everything they need from a single source.

The washroom financing models are very varied: operators can cover all the investment costs or, alternatively, customers can contribute to the costs through a voluntary or obligatory usage charge. The amount to be charged and the combination with a voucher are agreed on an individual basis.

2. High service quality

A further advantage: the outsourcing partner provides the consumables and regularly refills the dispensers with soap, toilet paper as well as disposable cotton or paper hand towels. The same also goes for additional disinfectants and fragrance systems such as AirBar. loovio is also responsible for ensuring the cleanliness of the rooms and also handles the repair and maintenance of the washroom equipment. As such, loovio customers are not required to perform any additional work in order to keep their washrooms clean and functional on a daily basis.

Sustainable washrooms

loovio is committed to protecting both resources and the environment. This is evident amongst other things through the use of the ecoilet package which comprises CWS Cotton hand towel dispensers, CWS Foam soap dispensers  and recycled toilet paper. Washrooms can be operated in a water- and resource-saving manner with these products. 

ecoilet sign in washroom

What’s more, by not using paper hand towels, ecoilet reduces the amount of waste, whilst maintaining a high level of comfort for guests. Washroom visitors recognise this commitment to the environment through the ecoilet sustainability seal.

3. Focus on the core business

You no longer have to worry about procurement, cleaning and maintenance of your washroom and, at the same time, can rest assured that guests are offered a high level of comfort at relatively low cost – this aptly sums up the benefits of working together with a professional outsourcing partner. This means washroom operators are free to focus on their core business and be confident that all the statutory requirements are satisfied and that washroom visitors will gladly return.

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