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Working in highly sensitive cleanrooms imposes strict requirements on the processing and reprocessing of cleanroom clothing. The requirements vary depending on the industry: absence of particles – low germ count – absence of germs.

Our extensive range of services includes the professional reprocessing of all classes of cleanroom clothing. This requires expertise that only a few providers have. CWS-boco has expertise from more than 20 years of international experience in the cleanroom business. Quality assurance, testing and standard compliance is aligned to the toughest requirements in the world. In addition, we supply the appropriate clothing.

Advice and products

Our range of services includes advice, training and technical support for choosing suitable cleanroom clothing. We have teams in six different countries consisting of cleanroom specialists, regional customer support and a service team – enabling us to serve our customers on an ongoing basis.

In practice

Our service drivers deliver fresh items and collect the soiled items, bringing them to our high-tech laundry, where the clothing is decontaminated, dried and, if necessary, sterilised. Each batch undergoes the Helmke drum test, the internationally recognised method of measuring particle contamination on cleanroom clothing. IT systems monitor, control and evaluate the water quality, disinfection cycles, air particle count, temperature and moisture.

Our international network

With an international network of state-of-the-art cleanroom laundries that is constantly growing, we can take on both national and international orders. Our specialists provide customised, personal advice. Find below our national subsidiaries which offer cleanroom full service.

Belgium, GermanyIreland, Poland

Expert's knowledge worldwide

boco Cleanroom Line

With its special HISTAT fabric, the boco Cleanroom Line range is ideal for use in cleanroom laundries. All garments can be completely decontaminated and sterilised. The collection includes a variety of colours, styles and high-quality designs.

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cleanroom safety googles

Cleanroom safety goggles

The uvex ultrasonic CR cleanroom safety goggles can be sterilised and also provide autoclavable eye protection with an anti-fog effect. The uvex ultasonic CR goggles are made of hypoallergenic and low-emitting materials and conform to the EU requirements for safety goggles under DIN EN 166 and DIN EN 170.

When preparing the clothing, we set great store by protecting resources as much as possible. As a supplier of rental workwear, sustainability is a core component of our business model.

We take our responsibility to our employees, the environment and society very seriously. This principle is reflected in our mission statement “Serving you, serving nature”.