CWS dust control mats

CWS mats bring safety and cleanliness to your buildings. They prevent slipping and absorb dirt and moisture.

Brush off and trap dirt and moisture

The absorbent high-twist nylon yarns in CWS mats reliably take up dirt and moisture. The mats absorb up to 4.8 litres of dirt and moisture per square metre. This property greatly reduces cleaning outlay in entrance areas in particular.

The right mat for every application

Do you need a conventional dirt guard in muted tones or perhaps a creative design feature in custom shapes, colours and prints? Are you looking for robust alu-profile or anti-fatigue mats that are easy on the joints? Or how about a specialised industry solution? CWS-boco provides individual advice and has the right mat for your application.

Practical rental service

Under the rental service, CWS mats are regularly collected, cleaned and returned. Our customers do not incur any extra cost and present a groomed appearance to their visitors at all times.

Understated dirt guard

Nylon or cotton CWS dust control mats are suitable for indoors. Available in various finishes, they reliably trap all sort of dirt. The muted blue, grey and brown tones blend in with any surroundings. The red mat provides a splash of colour.

CWS dust control mat entry
CWS dust control mat individual design

Individual design feature

Quite apart from their function as a dirt guard, creative mats act as a design feature. They are available in individual shapes, with logos or individual motifs and countless colours. Our improved print quality renders fine script and image details particularly effectively.

Specialised mats for industry

Industry mats from CWS have special fixings to make them suitable for vehicular traffic. Flexible rubber clamps keep the mats in position.

Several mats with different finishes laid alternately trap coarse and fine dirt as well as moisture in entrance and transfer areas.

CWs dust control mat industry
CWs dust control mat anti fatigue

„Energy-boosting” mat

The CWS anti-fatigue mat is a specialist product for all areas where employees spend a lot of time standing. The mat responds to minimum physical movement and takes the pressure off the back and leg muscles, a healthful effect, which the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) has tested and praised.

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