Sustainability Report 2017

Reporting on our sustainability activities is an integral part of our CR management system. By transparently outlining the sustainability issues of strategic relevance to our company, we are demonstrating to our stakeholders how the social, ecological and economic impacts of our business activities are taken into account in our strategic decision-making. This ensures that our company grows and develops sustainably. Our sustainability endeavours focus on several strategically important areas of activity which, as from 2017, are reflected in three reporting areas: Customers & Employees, Products & Origin and Laundries & Logistics. This structure enables us to report on our sustainability activities across all parts of our business model.

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Service drivers were on the road in 2016
(2015: 1,596)

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323 t

Cotton from sustainable sources

Includes 227 t of raw cotton sourced in accordance with Fairtrade standards and 96 t of organic raw cotton.

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176147 t

A sparkling performance

The total volume of laundry washed by us rose by 3,627 tonnes in 2016.
(2015: 172,520 t)

Customers & Employees For the people. With the people.

Martijn Opsomer - Customer Delight Manager

Marijn Opsomer’s job as Customer Delight Manager at CWS-boco BeLux is to ensure that our commitment to customer satisfaction finds expression not just in words, but in everything we do, each and every day.

Our goal is to make everyday life healthier, safer and more convenient – for our customers and for our employees. That is why we have made customer satisfaction, on-time delivery, occupational health and safety, and employee training and further education key areas of activity in our sustainability management system.

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customer contacts

our service drivers have each day.

Our customers are satisfied customers – as can be seen from their long-standing loyalty to our company. We maintain and build this loyalty by delivering quality outcomes and outstanding service in all customer contacts – about 28,247 times a day!

All national subsidiaries and business units of CWS-boco are committed to equal opportunities and gender balance.

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Dirk Baykal - CR-Koordinator

A true professional covers all the bases, including the environment and social sustainability. Dirk Baykal is a true professional. As the CR coordinator at CWS-boco Supply Chain Management GmbH, he has the vitally important job of facilitating and enforcing social and environmental standards across our entire supply chain.

Products & Origin Our success has proven us right. So have the hard facts.

Our commitment to sustainability flows through to our products – to our use of cotton from sustainable sources, to our unwavering support for initiatives devoted to improving social and environmental standards in the supply chain, and to our practice of repairing, rather than discarding, broken or faulty towel dispensers. That’s because sustainable procurement, supplier assessment and upcycling are all integral to our CR strategy.

93% of our procurement volume originates from suppliers who have signed the CWS-boco Code of Conduct. What’s more, we monitor and enforce compliance with the social and environmental standards in our Code of Conduct by means of regular inspections and independent audits.

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Code of Conduct




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Our upcycling philosophy protects the environment. For instance, our preferred course of action with damaged or faulty towel dispensers is always to repair them. In 2016 alone, the number of dispensers repaired at our upcycling centre in Switzerland increased to 44,506 (up from 30,812 in 2015).

Laundries & Logistics Clean work for a clean environment.

Paul O’Riordan - Sales and Marketing Director

Paul O’Riordan is Sales and Marketing Director at CWS-boco in Ireland. His customers on the Emerald Isle trust our environmentally friendly solutions. One such customer is Keelings, a long-established family-owned business that believes in re-use and recycling and kits its 800-strong workforce out with workwear from CWS-boco.

Our washing processes are becoming more efficient all the time, despite the growing laundry volumes. The increased volumes are a plus for us. The continuously optimized washing processes are a plus for our customers. And our efficiency is a major plus for the environment. We are able to achieve further environmental gains by maintaining a modern service fleet and using renewable energy in all of our business processes. In other words, reducing CO2 emissions in our laundries and service fleet and maximizing energy, water and detergent efficiency are among the key focus areas covered by our sustainability management strategy.

The fuel savings achieved by our fleet management system and use of innovative route optimization technologies are truly impressive, totalling 55,877 litres in 2016.

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Towel rolls



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We are always looking for ways to reduce our detergent consumption. In 2016, we achieved significant reductions in three of five areas.