Corporate Sustainability

Added value: Reuse.

CWS-boco operates in contrast to the principle of disposable goods. Instead of resource-intensive single use, our business concept is based on reuse.

CWS-boco Service Cycle

1. Collection

Our service drivers regularly collect the rental textiles from customers for reprocessing in the laundry.

2. Sorting

The textiles are sorted at the laundry in order to feed them into different wash programmes. This ensures that each item gets precisely the type of cleaning it requires.

3. Washing + Drying

We wash around 28 million towel rolls, 9 million mats and 87 million items of clothing per year in our laundries across Europe – in a way that is as resource-friendly as possible.

4. Quality Control

The quality of our products is under constant scrutiny at all stages of our service cycle: From the service driver during collection and delivery to the employees at all the stations in the laundry.

5. Repairs + Replacement

Areas affected by wear are repaired directly in the laundry. If that is not possible, the item is replaced.

6. Delivery

The items our service drivers return to customers are freshly washed, dried and have been subjected to quality controls. Day after day. All over the world.