Corporate Sustainability

We don't do disposable

The textile rental service is our most important field of activity, whereby hygienic reprocessing is just as important as the long service life of the products. To achieve this, we have created a resource-friendly service cycle which can be completed multiple times by towel rolls, workwear and mats. A towel roll, for example, can be washed and reused up to 100 times, meaning that it can be used for drying hands up to 15,000 times in its life cycle – without producing a single piece of waste.

When developing new products with a shorter life cycle, such as toilet paper, we look for alternatives. For example, we apply the cradle-to-cradle principle, which means that at the end of their life time, products are returned to biological cycles as nutrients.

We don't do disposable

Our Service Cycle

  1. Collection: At regular intervals, our service drivers collect the rental textiles from our customers for reprocessing at our laundries.

  2. Sorting: At our laundries, the textiles are sorted into different wash programmes so that each item gets precisely the type of cleaning it requires.

  3. Washing + drying: We wash around 174,000 tonnes of textiles per year at our laundries in Europe, focusing always on maximum resource efficiency.

  4. Quality control: The quality of our products is under the constant scrutiny of our staff throughout the service cycle: during collection and delivery and at all stages of laundry processing.

  5. Repair or replacement: Areas affected by wear are repaired at the laundry. If repair is not possible, the item is replaced.

  6. Delivery: The items our service drivers return to customers are freshly washed, dried and quality controlled.