CR Guidelines

CR is part of our business model

The concept of reusability is a core component of our business model as a provider of textile services. We rent out our textiles and process them time and time again so they can be used anew, with this in mind, we regard the careful handling and use of resources and raw materials as a matter of course.

It goes without saying that we are constantly expanding and advancing our commitment to sustainability. We aim to minimize our ecological
footprint – to the benefit of the world we live in and our own business as well.

CR affects everyone

Achieving something together requires the active participation and commitment of all concerned. At CWS-boco the management’s support goes hand in hand with the efforts of all areas and their personnel in the interests of successfully living by the principle of sustainability.

Each and every individual can contribute towards making his or her working environment more sustainable. Together we can make sustainability a success at CWS-boco.

CR safeguards the future

Foundations are good if laid correctly. This applies both to the company’s success as well as the environment. CWS-boco takes on this responsibility internally and externally and invests in its employees.

In doing so, we strengthen the company and secure its long-term competitiveness. A commitment today to and for the company and environment
will benefit future generations.

CR continues to evolve

Sustainable commitment must also be flexible in the same way as underlying conditions can change. With this in mind, we see it as a matter of course to continuously check and optimise our activities for the good of people and the environment.

Any and all adjustments arising from ecological, social and market developments are actively integrated into the company’s CR orientation. We regard CR as an entrepreneurial task which is never completed but remains a permanent process.