Our Areas of Action

We have defined eleven essential aspects for our commitment to Corporate Responsibility. When doing so, we considered the effects of our activities within
and outside of the organisation. Here, we describe all the aspects and how we, as the CWS-boco Group, steer them.


Safe work environment

Our employees participate in safety training and we are planning to introduce a risk monitoring system by 2020.


Training and development

As we aim to tailor our training and development more closely to our respective markets and fields of work, we have introduced an international monitoring system and are working to introduce national training guidelines by 2020.


Energy efficiency

Washing and drying rental textiles requires energy, a valuable resource which we use as carefully as possible. We thus continuously strive for the geatest efficiency in our laundry network and want to improve by 30% per kg washed by 2020 (vs 2012, aggregated for main service lines).


Water efficiency

Our aim is to achieve the best washing result with the lowest possible consumption of water, so we reuse and reprocess washing water wherever possible. We are also testing alternative washing techniques. By 2020, we want to reduce our water consumption by 10% per kg washed (vs 2012, aggregated for main service lines).


Detergent efficiency

In order to use detergents as effectively and as environmentally friendly as possible, we aim to find the right balance between all aspects of the washing process. We also compare our laundries and intend to harmonise our suppliers further by 2020.


CO2-emissions from laundry and service

We want to cover as few kilometres and emit as little CO2 as possible with our service fleet. Besides regularly renewing our vehicles and using efficient engines, we employ route optimisation systems.


Upcycling and material efficiency

More than 2.6 million rented CWS dispensers are installed in our customers’ washrooms – valuable resources for reuse or upcycling. What’s more, we hope to implement a holistic recycling concept which also extends to our textiles by 2020.


Customer satisfaction

Our customers are amongst our most important stakeholders. Each national subsidiary has measures in place to monitor customer satisfaction, such as surveys of amongst employees or customers themselves.


Security of supply

The reliability of our service touches upon processes both within our organisation and amongst our suppliers. Our subsidiaries CWS-boco Supply Chain Management GmbH and CWS-boco Supply AG bundle this responsibility centrally.


Supplier assessment

CWS-boco stands for a responsible and sustainable supply chain. We have a system in place for guiding and monitoring our suppliers to ensure  compliance with our Code of Conduct and support them each step of the way should the need for changes arise. By 2020, we aim to establish our CoC in different stages with strategically important suppliers.


Sustainable sourcing

We strive for transparency and social and ecological sustainability in our supply chains. We assume responsibility for our goods even before they enter our company – by working in longestablished partnerships and carefully selecting every component of our products.