Cotton towels from CWS

Welcome to the ultimate in environmentally-friendly service

The CWS-cotton towel with a titmouse.

Time to dispel a few myths.

Do you think a cotton towel in the washroom is:

  • unhygienic?
  • not eco-friendly?
  • uncomfortable?
  • not an important part of the overall impression?
  • uneconomical?

All false.

We aim to clear up the most common misconceptions about washroom culture. And demonstrate how sustainable hygiene works.

A level made of cotton towels.

For sensitive hygiene needs

Kind to the kind and hygienic: cotton towels combine gentle drying with proven hygiene.

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Fishes made of cotton towels.

Lower impact on the environment

Environmental protection in the washroom couldn’t be easier; cotton towels save waste, energy and greenhouse gases.

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A lady bug on a mushroom made of cotton towels.

For humans and nature

It’s human nature to prefer a soft towel. At home we expect it, so when we are outside the home, a cotton towel gives us a similar sense of well-being. The soft cotton feels nice on the skin.

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A frog made of cotton towels.

Kind to your pocket and the environment

Sensors mean that there is no need to touch the dispenser, which further enhances hygiene. This feature also saves consumables and resources, thanks to preset portioning.

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Butterflies on cherry blossoms made of cotton towels.

Sets the standard for premium washrooms

Everyone is equal when standing in front of a CWS cotton towel dispenser. People like the comfort, feel the quality, appreciate the aesthetics. And the dispensers are easy to use at any age, even for those with physical limitations.

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