Lady bug on mushroom made of cotton towels

CWS cotton towels are kind to humans and nature.

At home we dry our hands with a soft cotton towel. CWS gives that same level of comfort in public washrooms with its cotton towel roll. The soft cotton feels nice on the skin.

Contact-free towel dispenser

CWS cotton towel dispensers with non-touch function offer maximum modern user comfort in the washroom. All washroom users get their own, fresh portion of cotton towel to dry their hands and it is the only thing they need to touch. Two sensors on the right side of the dispenser control the towel release.


The automatic retraction of the used section is controlled by another sensor. This towel sensor detects when users have finished drying their hands and, around two seconds afterwards, it pulls in the used section of cotton towel.

Better cleaning with the towel-dry effect

You probably know this from home: your towels get dirty over time. This happens because after washing your hands the action of towel-drying rubs dirt, flakes of skin and bacteria off the skin. CWS cotton towels make this personal comfort possible in public washrooms, with all the advantages of hygiene and quality. The soft, 100% cotton material is gentle on your skin. At the same time, the absorbent cotton deep-cleans the skin.

The advantages of the CWS cotton towel are obvious:

  • Pleasant feel
  • All residue is rubbed off
  • Quick hand drying
  • Kind to skin

Measureable appreciation

“In an overall assessment, cotton towels are more effective with regards to drying and removing dirt residue and at the same time kinder to the skin than paper towels.”1 This is according to a scientific acceptance comparison between paper and cotton towels by leading German hygiene experts.

Another study reveals: “Overall, the vast majority of participants preferred the cotton towel for many reasons, such as drying effect, skin irritation/friendliness, overall impression and eco-balance.”2

1 T. Schmidt, A. Kramer: The influence of textile and paper towels on skin parameters and correlations to acceptance, Hohensteiner Report 1994, # 52, p. 24
2 Special print of the Hohensteiner Report, Issue # 51/1993, Hospital laundries and textile supply, point 4. Overall result