CWS cotton towels are kind to your pocket and the environment.

Frog made of cotton towels.

Wide range of services – less expense

From a practical as well as an economic point of view, the advantages of CWS cotton towel rolls speak for themselves:

  • No capital investment for the dispenser: CWS equipment is included in the rental service.
  • No repair and service costs: Maintenance is included in the service.
  • Optimised process costs: There is no order process needed for new cotton towel rolls, thanks to regular delivery and collection.
  • No waste of material, no subsequent costs: The dispenser system for CWS cotton towel rolls prevents misuse or even abuse, which can lead to over-usage, blocked toilets and dirty washrooms. Also, the lockable dispensers prevent theft.
  • No waste disposal costs: CWS picks up the used towel rolls and delivers fresh ones for the CWS towel dispenser. There is no waste – and there are no disposal costs!
  • Efficient portioning: The amount of dispensed towel from the contact-free towel dispenser is programmable and can be regulated efficiently.
Water lillies

Anything but a disposable product

Cotton towel rolls and dispensers are not only a tried-and-tested system with more than 50 years of washroom experience. As a Swiss brand, dedicated to highest quality, we guarantee excellent precision technology and high-quality materials. And because of the modular assembly, our devices can be repaired and reassembled on site.

Adaptable to future requirements

Today our products are state-of-the-art, yet they also remain flexible to the new design requirements of tomorrow. Thanks to our innovative front panels, you have the security of being able to adapt your complete washroom facilities to future trends and individual needs.

Study confirms cost advantages

Because cost comparison, too, is important for an overall assessment, we will quote the result of an overall cost assessment by the wfk - Cleaning Technology Institute: “There is also a clear advantage for cotton dispenser towels from an economic perspective."1

1 Special print Hohensteiner Report, Issue # 51/1993, Hospital laundries and textile supply, point 4. Overall result