The CWS cotton towels fulfil sensitive hygiene needs.

Hand hygiene is becoming increasingly important

Infectious diseases are steadily increasing in the 21st century. There are many reasons for this. The proportion of elderly and immunodeficient people is rising. The environment is changing. We travel more. Not only are antibiotics prescribed more often, but people are also increasingly becoming resistant to them. This means infectious diseases are more difficult to treat.

A level made of cotton towels
  • Around 80% of avoidable infections (intestinal and respiratory diseases) are transmitted by hand-to-hand contact (WHO).
  • That is why it is increasingly important for your health to wash and dry your hands with single-use towels.

Study confirms the advantages of cotton towels

In a study commissioned by the European Textile Association (ETSA) and conducted by the Hjelt Institute for Hygiene and Microbiology of the University of Helsinki, cotton and paper towel systems, warm air and jet driers were compared systematically. The results were unequivocal.1

  • Cotton towels proved more effective at reducing the bacterial count in the process of drying than both the air driers examined
  • Cotton and paper towels remove the most bacteria from wet hands
  • The mechanical action of rubbing the hands with cotton or paper helps to remove bacteria effectively
  • Washing and drying the hands are part of good hand hygiene

To be on the safe side when it comes to hygiene, cotton towel dispensers are the best choice.

Microbiological quality – worldwide

Of course, CWS cotton towels rolls are much more than just visibly clean. CWS laundries are certified to the highest European standards of hygiene for textiles: DIN EN 14065, i.e. RABC (Risk Analysis and Biocontamination Control). As an industry-specific standard, it corresponds to the popular HACCP Guidelines, which have been stipulated for the food industry.

Certified complete hygiene

The Hygiene-Institut Berlin Search Care has certified that CWS’s rental cotton towel dispenser systems meet the highest hygiene and environmental standards in relation to dispenser technology, laundering methods, delivery to and storage on the customer’s premises. The dispensers bear the “hygiene certificate” seal to raise awareness among users about hygiene.

Two chamber cotton towel dispenser
Two chamber cotton towel dispenser

Certified hygiene management

Internationally, such renowned, independent testing centres as the DQS and RAL regularly monitor adherence to the highest hygiene standards at CWS-boco and our affiliated companies. General hygiene plans and thorough inspections are not enough for us. Our hygiene management system also includes regular cleaning and disinfection of service vehicles, trolleys, machines and surfaces near the textiles. In addition, we also do germ tests on employees’ hands, on wet and dry laundry and on all surfaces near the textiles.

High-quality equipment for first-class hygiene

The CWS cotton towel comes freshly cleaned from the laundry and is inserted into the dispenser. The towel roll then runs through it until the last section has been used and the roll needs to be changed.

  • Single-use portions: each person uses their own, fresh section.
  • 2-chamber system: inside the dispenser, the fresh part of the roll always remains separate from the used part in the other chamber.
  • Retraction system: the used section of towel is pulled in automatically, as is the end of the roll.
  • Non-touch device: the dispenser is completely contact-free.
1 Hygienic Hand-Drying. A Comparative Study of Four Systems. Hjelt Institute for Hygiene and Microbiology (University of Helsinki). 2004.