Values and Guidelines

Values and CR guidelines at CWS-boco.

Sustainable value creation is our primary strategic objective, because sustainability is and always will be a core part of our business model – not to mention a key partnership criterion for many of our customers. Over the years, CWS-boco has successfully positioned itself in the market as an innovative, future-focused company with multiple key differentiators. Looking ahead, we will continue along this path and continue to implement, monitor, analyse and optimise a wide range of sustainability activities and data.

Our policies and guidelines around sustainable management are clearly communicated within the CWS-boco Group. The underlying principles are clearly stated both verbally and visually, and key terms and concepts are explained and appropriately translated so that they are readily understood by all management and staff. All of these things are vital to achieving a shared understanding of the values of openness while making due allowance for the differing cultural and national standards and laws of the various economic and social frameworks within which our Group operates.

Values and CR guidelines at CWS-boco